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ML3 ThetaProbe, SM150T Soil Moisture Sensor and AP4 Porometer

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All Delta-T Devices products have a two year (24 month) warranty as standard, but the ML3 ThetaProbe, SM150T Sensor, and AP4 Porometer benefit from a 5 year warranty (60 months from date of delivery). Simply register the product(s) with us below and we will add 3 more years to the standard warranty, extending it to the full 5 years duration. To qualify, products must be registered within 12 weeks of delivery.

NB: If the moisture sensor you are registering is part of a Kit (supplied with readout meter, case and accessories) please note that only the sensor itself is eligible for the extended 5 year warranty. The warranty for the AP4 Porometer covers the instrument body and sensor head only.

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