Marine AOD measurements matter because aerosols can affect respiratory health, climate change, and the safety of aircraft during volcanic events. However, routine marine Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) surface-based observations are in short supply because it is both difficult and expensive to operate conventional automatic sun photometers at sea. Two prototype... more

New Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor from Delta-T Devices – the SM150T

The new SM150T Sensor is ideal for measuring moisture content and temperature in soils and substrates. It has a wide range of applications across science, horticulture and agriculture, and is a reliable and cost-effective sensor for... more

Compact Weather Station – Now with Free Online Data Viewing and Sharing

The Delta-T Devices WS-GP1 Weather Station is a complete, portable, research-grade solution for recording weather data. It can be carried by one person, set up in minutes, and requires minimal maintenance.

Delta-T Devices SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer used to monitor active volcano

Researchers from Université de La Réunion have installed a Delta-T Devices Sunshine Pyranometer as part of a weather station on the crater’s edge of one of the most active volcanoes

Delta-T launches new digital SDI-12 version of the PR2 Profile Probe

Delta-T Devices has launched a new digital version of their well-established analogue PR2 Profile Probe. Named the PR2 SDI-12, it shares the many strengths of the analogue version (which remains in production)

DeltaLINK-Cloud – a free new online data viewing and sharing service for Delta-T Devices loggers

Delta-T Devices Ltd has launched DeltaLINK-Cloud ( – a powerful free online service for use with Delta-T data loggers.

GP2 Data Logger and Controller – now SDI-12 enabled

The powerful GP2 Data Logger and Controller from Delta-T Devices has been upgraded to support SDI-12 sensors. From December 2015 all new GP2s will come with SDI-12 as standard and earlier GP2s

Rothamsted Research and Delta-T Devices announce SOIL-PLANT-ATMOSPHERE CONTINUUM event for October 2015

Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum 2015 is a prestigious 2 day event organised by Dr Richard Whalley (Rothamsted Research) and Dick Jenkins

Chinese energy giant uses Delta-T’s SPN1 Pyranometer to monitor their new 100MW Solar Farm in Hebei Province.

The China Three Gorges Corporation, one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, is using the Delta-T Devices SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer