New application notes and tutorials added to the GP2 Data Logger & Controller resource centre

Since the launch of Delta-T’s powerful 12 Channel GP2 Data Logger and Controller, a host of new application notes and tutorials have been added to its dedicated online resource centre.

The GP2’s sophisticated scripting, processing, modelling and control functions mean that it can easily be tailored to huge range of uses, from simple through to very challenging.

The growing range of applications (and tutorials) that feature in the resource centre include dew-point and wind chill, flood tray propagator system, evapotranspiration calculation and analysis, Simple Irrigation Control Program, Slope Stability, vapour pressure deficit, soil moisture depth profile responses with irrigation control, and a method for closed loop irrigation control.

The resource centre also features a series of tutorial videos and free download of the GP2’s sophisticated DeltaLINK Software. DeltaLINK includes a unique Simulator that generates realistic simulated environmental data quickly and easily. This function runs independently of the logger and allows years of logging time to be simulated in just a few minutes – enabling the testing of logging programs (and evaluation of experimental method) before real-world activation.

Key software features of the GP2 Logger:mcl-26-03-2013-09-30-02

  • Easy selection of sensors  accessible and fast pick and click system.
  • Sophisticated control algorithms  create complex and powerful models such as PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control via simple step-by step operation. No programming language skills are needed – only a reasonable knowledge of (Excel spreadsheet-level) algebraic expressions is required.
  • Custom in-line data processing – implement real-time data-driven calculations such as dew-point, wind chill factor and evapotranspiration calculation and analysis with ease.
  • Multi-zone functionality – control and monitor up to 6 independent experiments/zones concurrently.
  • Environmental data Simulator – simulate and test your program before real-world activation.

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