GPRS-BX1/B – GPRS Modem Box

Provides direct communication between the data logger and the host PC, using DeltaLINK. For DeltaLINK-Cloud access see GPRS Modem Gateway Boxes section. Please note that the logger (ordered separately) has to be mounted outside the modem box – on a mast pole for example.

Internal battery powered GPRS Modem Box, for use with GP2, GP1 and DL6 Includes quad band GPRS modem, 10Ah sealed lead acid battery and 1m comms and power extension cable. Includes antenna with mounting bracket/ground plane and 5m coaxial cable. Supplied with mounting kit for fixing to tubular masts or poles (42-51 mm dia).

NB: customer needs to provide own SIM card and make arrangements with network provider.
SIM must have fixed IP address and be GPRS enabled. 

For option with solar power & battery please see GPRS-BX1/SP


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