EXT/5W Extension Cables

The EXT/5W-xx range of cables is multi-purpose:

•  For use with GP2-NTP Network T-Piece and GP2-NPC Network Power Cable to network up to 7 GP2s. Max length 100m.
•  For use with ML3 and SM150T Soil Moisture Sensors to extend cable runs.  The final EXT/5W-xx cable is connected to an SMSC/sw-05 or SMSC/lw-05 cable (bare wires suitable for connection to a data logger).

All cables are IP68 M12 connector (f) to IP68 M12 connector (m). Cables can be joined to a max length of 100m.

EXT/5W-01 1m extension cable, 5-way M12
EXT/5W-05 5m extension cable, 5-way M12
EXT/5W-10 10m extension cable, 5-way M12
EXT/5W-25 25m extension cable, 5-way M12


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