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"We have ThetaProbe sensors installed at another site, some of them have been running for 8 years now and we've found them very reliable, so we'd like to use Delta-T Devices sensors again." Anu Riikonen, PHD Student
Department of Forest Ecology, University of Helsinki
  • Class leading ± 1% soil moisture accuracy
  • Complete kit with readout unit & case

The ML3 ThetaKit provides researchers with a portable tool for highly accurate, near instantaneous measurement of moisture levels in soils and substrates. 

The ThetaKit is easy to use. Simply switch the connected HH2 Moisture Meter on, insert the probe pins fully into the soil, and press the HH2’s “read” button to display the moisture measurement. Readings can then be stored with a single button press (if required) – and downloaded to PC later.

The kit comprises an ML3 ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor, an HH2 Moisture Meter (readout unit), replacement sensor rods, and a carry case.

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NB: Other moisture measurement kits are available if lower cost or EC measurements are required.


 Water content
Accuracy±0.01 m3.m-3   (1%)
Range0 to 0.5 m3.m-3
Salinity range50 to 500 mS.m-1
< 0.035 m3.m-3
 Output                     0 to 1.0V differential
 Power 5 to 14V, 18mA for 1s
 Sample vol. Approximately 60 x 30mm diameter
 Overall size 170 x 40mm diameter
 Environmental IP68, -40 to +70°C

[1] Figures apply to sensor only and exclude logger or cabling errors

For more detailed ML3 specifications see Soil Moisture Measurement Catalogue



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