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Frequently Asked Questions
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AP4  What is the specification of the AP4 blotting pads?
AP4  COM port error with locations 10 or above
AP4  Why doesn't the AP4 provide direct readings of transpiration rate?
AP4  Calibration or reading problems when using an AP4
AP4  How do you replace a new AP4 battery from AP4-69/01 onwards?
AP4  Why is the temperature difference 'dT' between the cup and leaf thermistors reading 6.4degC
AP4, BF5, DL2e, GP1, GP2, DL6, HH2, SPN1  How do I set up my USB to RS232 convertor?
DL2e  Restrictions on upgrading old DL2's to current EPROM
DL2e  Leap year timestamp workaround
DL2e  How many sensors can I attach to one Warmup Relay?
DL2e  Why do relays stay ON with Deferred Start logging?
GP1  How do you change the battery in a GP1?
HEMIv8  My site is on a slope so how do I set up HemiView?
HEMIv8  What goes wrong with my paint to ignore process?
HEMIv8  How do I adjust the solar model to match my climate data?
HEMIv8  How can I get site factors ISF DSF and GSF from a particular photo for a particular day or for a range of days?
HEMIv8  How can I build a lens calibration jig?
HH2  Cold boot the HH2 for error messages at start up
HH2  Communication difficulties between the HH2 and PC
ML2  How can I test my ML2 to make sure it works ok?
ML3,SM300,SM150  Are Delta-T soil moisture sensors waterproof? Can they be buried?
PR2  Profile Probe Access Tube Compatibility Upgrade Notes
PR2  How can I do soil-specific calibrations for my Profile Probe?
SM-AUG-100  What effect will air gaps around the access tube have?
SPN1  Why are my solar radiation readings higher than the solar constant
SPN1, BF5  How do I wire my BF5/SPN1 up to a DL2e logger?
WET  What's the difference between the 'WEX' calibration file and the 'WET' calibration file?
WET, HH2  Why does the HH2 no longer offer the ‘WET sensor’ device option and instead shows ‘ML2….No Sensor’

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