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SM300 - Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Science

Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor

Early on this year we ordered 8 SM300 Moisture Sensors. The SM300s have performed to our expectations - therefore find attached our order for another 58 units.
Dra. R.D. Trisnawati, SE, Ak, President Director
PT. Trisari Tigaputra Utama, Jakarta, Indonesia
We used the instrument for 4 days of intense field work at 15 conservation areas across the Greater Toronto area - more than 200 readings per day. The SM300 proved to be an invaluable asset to our research project. It is fast, light weight and very energy efficient.
Nao Ito, Graduate Student
York University, Toronto

SM300 - Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

  • ± 2.5% accuracy 

  • Good temperature and salinity stability

  •  Easy data logger connection (0 - 1V DC) 

The SM300 Soil Moisture Sensor offers convenience and cost saving by combining soil moisture and temperature measurement. It can be used in all soil types, including saline soils. Engineered for reliability and high performance, the SM300 is well suited to both research and agricultural applications.

The SM300 Soil Moisture Sensor is a dual purpose soil moisture probe - it can be used both with the HH2 Meter for instant readings, or left in-situ for continuous monitoring with a data logger

Data logging
The SM300 Soil Moisture Sensor is compatible with all Delta-T Devices Loggers and its 0 to 1V DC output can be handled by most other types of logger. Temperature is measured by a 10k precision thermistor mounted in the sensor body - the SM300 should be fully buried to accurately measure soil temperature.

Instant readings with the SM300 Kit
The SM300 Soil Moisture Sensor can be used with the Delta-T HH2 hand-held Moisture Meter in the SM300 Soil Moisture Kit to take instant moisture measurements (but the HH2 does not display temperature readings - the equilibration time would be too slow for instant measurements).

Easy installation
The SM300 Soil Moisture Sensor is buriable and its cylindrical shape makes it easy to install in augered holes (45mm diameter).The threaded base of the sensor can be connected to optional 50cm and 100cm extension tubes. The sharp twin pin design minimises soil and substrate disturbance and allows for superior contact for more accurate measurements.

The SM300 Soil Moisture Sensor measures volumetric soil moisture content with 2.5% accuracy and temperature with 0.5 deg C accuracy. It offers precision and reliability at an affordable price.

Accuracy and ease of use make SM300 Soil Moisture Sensors well suited to irrigation applications. Readings can be used to optimise irrigation scheduling, or the SM300 can be installed as part of an automatic irrigation system. The sensor's compact size allows it to be installed in plant pots or grow bags.

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