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Delta-T Devices Data Loggers - at a Glance

 DL2e Data Logger DL6 Data Logger GP1 Data Logger


  Differential analog
Additional input channels Nominal analogue range Number of readings
Relay out

PR2 Profile Probe connection*
GP1 2 2 Temperature
2 Digital counters
1 x WET
0 - 2.5V >600K 1 N/A
DL6 6 1 Temperature
1 Counter
0 - 1.15V 16K 1 1
DL2e 15 - 62 All channels are versatile e.g. DC/AC voltage, pulse, counter, frequency

±4mV to ±2V auto-ranging (up to ±50V option)

128K 2 10 x PR2/6
GP2 12 4 Digital counters - 2 fast & 2 slow
1 x Delta-T WET Sensor Channel

170 mV to 2.7V
1.4V to ±1.5V
± 185mV
± 23mV

(with optional auto ranging)

up to 2500K

2 Standard

2 x PR2/6** or
3 x PR2/4**

** with appropriate lid.
6 with Relay Expansion Module

* PR2 connection dependent on other sensors connected.

25 Year's Experience

Delta-T Devices has produced high quality data loggers for over 25 years. Over that time we have built up a wealth of experience in the design of accurate, reliable, low-powered, weatherproof loggers. Delta-T Devices data loggers are versatile and cover applications across scientific research, environmental monitoring and manufacturing.

• Data loggers for all environments, applications and budgets
• Long term unattended monitoring
• Intelligent control and scripting functions
• Simple or complex logging

Many customers are looking for a complete solution including a data logger, sensors, power supply, GSM modem, cables, mountings and an enclosure. Delta-T Devices has the ability to build simple or complex systems tailored to the customer's requirements.

Delta-T Devices data loggers are rugged, reliable, accurate and easy to use; their well designed software and hardware makes configuration, connection and data collection simple. They are supplied complete with configuration and data collection software at no extra cost, and upgrades are available for download free of charge. You will find models ranging from high specification scientific loggers, through to dedicated soil moisture loggers and compact loggers with impressive control capabilities.

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Data Loggers
GP2  Advanced Data Logger and Controller

Advanced data logger and controller

Powerful and rugged field data logger

  • 12 differential channels
  • Ideal for research applications
  • Powerful yet easy to use script editor
  • Unique simulator feature
  • Ideal for phenotyping based research

A powerful and rugged yet easy to use 12 channel field data logger and controller with flexible input and relay options.

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DL2e  Data Logger
Research data logger

  • 15 to 62 differential analogue channelsBattery powered, rugged, weatherproof case
  • Easy programming with Ls2Win Software (software included)

The DL2e Data Logger is compatible with almost every type of sensor that gives an output in terms of DC voltage, resistance, count, frequency or status.

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DL6  Soil Moisture Data Logger

Dedicated soil moisture data logger

  • Optimised for use with Profile Probes & ThetaProbes
  • 6 differential analog channels plus temperature and counter inputs
  • IP67 weatherproof case and battery power

The DL6 Data Logger can be used with combinations of ThetaProbes, Profile Probes and SM300 Soil Moisture Sensors, and also accepts rain gauge and soil temperature inputs.

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GP1  General Purpose Data Logger

High accuracy 7 channel data logger

  • Ideal for Delta-T Devices soil water content sensors
  • Memory for >600,000 readings
  • Smart irrigation control capability

The GP1 Data Logger supports a full range of 0 to 2.5V environmental sensors. For soil moisture applications the GP1 is ideal for logging ThetaProbes, SM300s, SM150s, or tensiometers.

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