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The EQ3 Equitensiometer: a new advanced soil water potential sensor from Delta-T Devices

The new EQ3 Equitensiometer from Delta-T Devices uses class leading ThetaProbe technology to avoid the many problems of water-filled tensiometers. It is maintenance free and measures water potential (matric potential) in the range 0 to -1000 kPa. It provides an accurate loggable output and is particularly well suited for use in dry soils.

The EQ3 is an improved replacement for the field proven EQ2 model, yet comes with a lower price than its predecessor. A new built-in temperature sensor and detachable/extendable cable system provides extra functionality and improved ease of use.

The EQ3 Equitensiometer is ideally suited to static long term monitoring of water potential in soils. It can even be left installed in frozen soils. Typical areas of use include environmental, plant, soil, ecology and geo-sciences research, as well as civil engineering applications.

The EQ3 Equitensiometer is based on the ML3 ThetaProbe - our "gold standard" precision soil moisture sensor. The EQ3’s measuring rods are embedded in a porous material (the equilibrium body).  This material has a known, stable relationship between water content and matric potential. When the EQ3 is inserted into the soil, the matric potential within the equilibrium body equilibrates to that of the surrounding soils. The water content of the matric material is measured directly by the EQ3, and this can be converted into the matric potential of the surrounding soil using the calibration curve supplied with each Equitensiometer.

The EQ3 is buriable and does not require recalibration, refilling, degassing, or topping up. It can be inserted into augered holes or positioned in the wall of a trench. Optional extension tubes assist placement and removal when burying at depth.

The EQ3 can be logged by all Delta-T data loggers, as well as data loggers from many other manufacturers. It is ideal for use at remote sites over long periods of time. Sensor data can be accessed remotely via a GPRS enabled data logger such as the Delta-T Devices GP1 or GP2.

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The EQ3 Equitensiometer: a new advanced soil water potential sensor from Delta-T Devices
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