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DeltaLINK-Cloud is a free online data viewing and sharing services for Delta-T Devices data loggers. 

Collect, view and share your sensor data with ease. Anywhere. Anytime.

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  • FREE service

  • Remote data monitoring

  • Share data and collaborate

  • Automatic upload

  • Mobile, tablet and PC compatible

  • Flexible charting and reporting

  • Smart SIM card provided

  • Secure and encrypted

  • Multi-language (Fr, De, Es, 中文) 



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DeltaLINK-Cloud is a secure cloud based connectivity, data management and automatic data retrieval solution. The website allows a user to monitor the status of their devices, graph and export the uploaded data and share access to data with project collaborators/stakeholders. All website functionality comes for free and is accessible from most modern internet capable devices (phones, tablets and computers).

The Delta-T GP2, GP1 and DL6 data loggers can all be connected to DeltaLINK-Cloud using a gateway which can either be a GPRS modem or PC based gateway (available soon). Gateway upload schedules can be customised from DeltaLINK-Cloud. Delta-T provides SIM cards for the GPRS modem, enabling us to provide an optimum user experience and support service. Smart SIM cards can connect to multiple providers improving the chance of a stable connection.

Logger status can be monitored and program-setting changed remotely. Data generated by the loggers can be charted per logger or aggregated and charted for multiple loggers. Charting is customisable and can be saved as reports for future use - which can be shared via a link.

























































Key features




Free - Use of the website is totally free. (Purchasing of a GPRS modem and data charges will apply if using that option).  

Collaborative - Enables online sharing of data via a shared link.


Monitor all loggers in one place - Manage, monitor and share your data through one convenient free-to-use portal.  

Mobile devices - Designed for the latest mobile devices as well as desktops. Responsive web design ensures an optimum user experience.

Report creation and sharing - Users can add and remove charts, and create custom reports for your data (single or multiple datasets) - then share with colleagues. 

SIM card provided by Delta-T
- Low price and easy to set up. Connection to multiple providers enhances connection reliability.

Secure and encrypted - Best practices for security have been employed throughout the site, including SSL (encrypted) connection.     

































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