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Conference Overview

Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum 2015 is a prestigious 2 day event organised by Dr Richard Whalley (Rothamsted Research) and Dick Jenkins (Delta-T Devices). Leading academics from across the globe will be presenting their latest research findings in the fields of soil physics, plant physiology and meteorology. The event focuses on the holistic, dynamic, and physically integrated nature of these scientific disciplines. A gala meal (attendance optional) will take place on the evening of the 13th October at the spectacular and nearby Luton Hoo Hotel. The event is sponsored by Delta-T Devices Ltd.


Keynote Address
Dr John Passioura - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia

Prof. Dani Or - ETH Zurich (Keynote speaker)
Prof. Sacha Mooney - Nottingham University
Dr Richard Whalley - Rothamsted Research
Prof. Rainer Horn - Christian Albrechts University zu Kiel, Germany
Muhammad Naveed - University of Aberdeen

Prof. Howard Griffiths - University of Cambridge (Keynote speaker)
Dr Tony Miller - John Innes Centre
Dr Ian Dodd - Lancaster University
Dr Tony Miller - Senior Scientist at John Innes Centre

Prof. Ty P.A. Ferré - University of Arizona (Keynote speaker)
Prof. Andrew Binley - Lancaster University
Prof. Tusheng Ren - China Agricultural University
Prof. Keith Attenborough - The Open University
Dr Andrew Singer - NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK
Dr Martin Goodchild - Delta-T Devices Ltd

Prof. Kenichi Soga - University of Cambridge
Prof. Mark Kibblewhite - Cranfield University
Prof. Bill Davies - Lancaster University
ir. Jos Balendonck - Wageningen University, Netherlands
Prof. Steve Banwart - University of Sheffield

Speaker list correct at time of publication (12.08.15) but may be subject to change.

Presentation Highlights (further details on additional presentations coming soon).

Keynote Address - Dr John Passioura (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia)
Water-limited agriculture: the dependence of grain yield on water transport in the soil, plant, and atmosphere at time scales ranging from hours to seasonal.

Soils - Prof. Dani Or (ETH Zurich)
New insights into energy partitioning over drying surfaces and potential evaporation.

Soils - Prof. Sacha Mooney (Nottingham University)
X-ray imaging of soil-root interactions.

Soils - Dr Richard Whalley (Rothamsted Research)
What Can Models of Penetrometer Resistance Tell Us about Soil Conditions for Root Growth?

Soils - Muhammad Naveed (University of Aberdeen)
New Rhizosphere by design (RBD): How model root exudate forms rhizosphere.

Plants - Prof. Hamlyn Jones (University of Dundee)
Advances in sensing of plant and canopy transpiration.

Plants - Dr Ian Dodd (Lancaster University)
Increasing crop water use efficiency by changing irrigation 
placement and frequency.

Plants - Dr Tony Miller (Senior Scientist at John Innes Centre)
Soil health and nutrient supply to plants.

Measurements - Prof. Ty P.A. Ferré (University of Arizona)
Can We Trust Pedotransfer Functions?

Measurements - Prof. Tusheng Ren (China Agricultural University)
Surface energy balance closure: Role of soil heat flux.

Measurements - Prof. Keith Attenborough (The Open University)
Acoustic-Seismic probing of soils: possibilities and limitations.

Measurements - Dr Andrew Singer (NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK)
COSMOS-UK: A Soil Moisture Monitoring Network for the UK.

Measurements - Dr Martin Goodchild (Delta-T Devices)
Developments in precision irrigation control.

Measurements - Prof. Andrew Binley (Lancaster University)
On the value of geophysics for assessing crop water uptake.

For additional information on the event please contact Dick Jenkins (Delta-T Devices) @ or on +44 (0)1638 742922


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